Behavior Change in the classroom can create a less stressful, more controlled environment, as well as foster stronger relationships.

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Classroom Consultation

How we react to disruptions, physicality, and outbursts can affect not only the individual, but all others present in the classroom.  Our classroom consultation aims to provide teachers with the strategies to maintain a more controlled environment that will foster stronger relationships with students and teachers. 

Educator/Caregiver Training Programs

This program was formed to help administrators and teachers better understand the complexity and complications of working with behavioral concerns. Our training program assists in promoting systematic change, teaching new techniques, and teaching coping strategies not only for those experiencing the need for change, but those who are expected to guide it.  


Guiding Change Workshops & Seminars

Our Guiding Change Workshop is a curriculum based training program covering several criteria. The full curriculum is offered over the span of a week, however, each criteria can also be offered as a stand-alone. Certificates are presented after completion of each criteria. This certificate signifies a foundation of working knowledge in behavior change.


Our Opportunity for Change Seminar in the school setting aims to promote an understanding of trauma, decision making, outbursts, developmental pace, and other topics involving ways to assist in the understanding of what educators may see and why they may see it. This seminar is designed to promote thought, questions, and a desire to learn more. Each seminar is an hour long presentation with the opportunity for more in-depth training if desired. 



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