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We will have multiple volunteer opportunities available at community events. If you are interested in participating in our community outreach programs, please contact us to see how you can volunteer today.


Donations can be made toward community outreach programs and our tuition-assistance program that funds direct 1:1 services for lower socio-economic children and families. 


Sponsorship opportunities available for every community outreach event. Contact us today to learn more about our sponsorship levels.


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To learn more about our services or collaboration opportunities, please contact us. 

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Guiding Behavior Change Trainings

This is an educational based training in a small group style setting. The purpose is to promote discussion and educate on advancement of knowledge in common diagnoses, behaviors, and struggles. These are learning advocacy opportunities. General discussions lasting 1-2 hours in length with Q&A built in. This is an opportunity for family members, community members, etc. to receive training in several behavior related areas at a small cost. Virtual trainings available. To learn more about our Guiding Behavior Change trainings, please contact us today!

Opportunity for Change Seminars 

Our seminars are structured presentations designed to educate on a specific topic or issue. These are generally for a a larger group setting. Attendees will be guided through handouts, powerpoints, and other materials. If more information is desired after seminar, individuals/groups can setup further conversation or trainings. 


Community Collaboration

Are you a business, community member, or other interested individual who would like to help us spread education and information to your community and beyond? Contact us today to set up speaking engagements, appearances, or to team-up and expand our outreach. Feel free to email us at


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